Sign at entrance

Sign at entrance

Machli, perhaps the most photographed wild tigress in the world, has been a resident of Ranthamobore National Park for 19 years.


Howzatt 2

So the verdict is in and the Green Shirts have finally taken off to India for participating in the T20 World Cup. How desperately we want them to do well! But folks, if you really love the game of cricket itself, please watch the T20, no matter which teams are playing, for the sheer delight of top class batting and bowling and fielding coming from teams such as Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa.


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Kashmir Solidarity Day, or Kashmir Day as it is better known, has been observed on 5th February every year since 1990, to express ‘solidarity’ with Kashmiri brethren in their struggle to resolve the Kashmir dispute according to UN resolutions. What I cannot fathom is why it is a public holiday? How is the cause of Kashmiris served by 184 million Pakistanis taking the day off?

Money Talks

Feeling disgusted.

Houbara bustard

The Supreme Court, after several weeks of deliberations, lifted the ban on the hunting of the winter migratory bird, the Houbara bustard by Arab royalty, succumbing to Foreign Ministry plea that allowing Houbara hunting is a ‘pillar’ of our foreign policy and vital for maintaining cordial relations with the Arabs. The petitioners for the removal of the ban also included the provincial governments of Punjab, Sindh and Balochsitan.

Good Morning Vietnam!

Saigon by night from boat-restaurant cruising on River Saigon

Saigon by night from boat-restaurant cruising on River Saigon

Adrian Cronauer, a US Air Force sergeant posted to Vietnam in 1965 during the War there, worked as a radio jockey to boost the morale of the American troops. He became famous and quite popular for his innovative style, starting his programme with a yodeling cry of ‘Good Morning Vietnam!’ His tenure later inspired the hit 1987 film, Good Morning Vietnam, starring Robin Williams.

Made in USA


Made in USA article


The USA is, and has been for a long time, the most powerful country on the planet, in terms of economy, financial strength, resources, technology, military might and still more. It also follows the democratic political system, with all that democracy enshrines, at least in theory – equality, liberty, human rights, freedom of speech, rule of law, and so forth.

The ‘F’ Word

Has anyone noticed how frequent the use of the F word has become these days, especially on the social media? Or is this question redundant because you too are a frequent user?

Misogyny Musings

The word misogyny has become quite popular in our lexicon, especially on the social media, and competing with the word ‘selfie’ in frequency of usage generally. Women use it more than men. The word itself originated in the mid 17th century, from the Greek words misos ‘hatred’ and gunē ‘woman’.

In our Life & Times

What a complex global society exists today! From several perspectives, it seems to be hurtling at incredible speed towards eventual self-destruction. From another perspective there is hope that out of the present volatility will emerge an era of great global harmony and prosperity.

Amazing Pakistan: 10 amazing Pakistanis who have done us proud

How do you decide who are the truly extraordinary individuals this country has produced? Can there be an objective set of criteria to evaluate the scores, even perhaps hundreds of people, who may come to mind, if we consider all Pakistanis from our day of independence to the present?